About Vikal

Gunnar Vikingur, the Managing Director of Vikal International, commenced independent operations as a sole trader and contractor in January 1976 working on new boat constructions and repairs. In 1982 he formed the family company, now known as Vikal International Pty Ltd and by 1992 had won its first contract to build super yacht tenders. Gunnar is a shipwright by trade, and a hands on manager working daily in the office and workshop, overseeing the many and varied projects the company undertakes. In 2013 Gunnar's son, Lynden Vikingur joined the family business.

Vikal's major projects since 1982 have been many and varied. This includes large superstructures for a Western Australian superyacht builder, progressing to total yacht construction in advanced composites, with the first vessel being a 37 metre (123 foot) motor yacht (launched in July 1996). Over the following twelve months two more yachts, a semi displacement 46 metre, and a 51 metre ultra high speed motor yacht with a central sprint turbine, were launched. Although these yachts have been in the spotlight, production has continued on Vikal's own vessels and component manufacture for many of the districts shipbuilders, who have built a large portion of the worlds high speed aluminum ferries.

Since 1992, Vikal have delivered 51 tenders to motor yachts over 75 meters, beginning with MY Coral Island, the two 7.5m tenders designed by the late Jon Bannenberg, made a great impact on the European market. Since that time Vikal has specialized in custom design and manufacture of immaculately finished superyacht tenders. Such tenders include two builds for the European built Boadicea, a promotional boat for a Japanese water jet manufacturer and a further 45 tenders for European built motor yachts. Often built in pairs, one project was for 3 tenders for the one yacht, a limousine, a car carrier and a 19 metre weekend dive - live aboard vessel and another contract was for 4 tenders for the one yacht, all different and all unique.

Current projects are all superyacht tenders for different clients and Vikal have developed a semi production tender, which will be another option for superyacht owners. Vikal recently launched the worlds first 3 piece fully automated hard top convertible tender. A complex piece of composite and computerized engineering.

The quality of construction for these tenders is second to none, Owners expect nothing less. All the tenders built have been one off and unique in their particular style, designed for a specific space on the yachts and designed for a variety of uses whilst remaining relatively light in weight.

Vikal is a unique Company, developing glass fibre construction to sophisticated levels and engineering solutions, to a vast array of requirements, whilst building their vessels with quality and integrity, utilizing craftsmanship to rare levels.

Vikal, an Australian Company of unique distinction.